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Ultimate Foot Pain Reliever Pads

Instantly Ease Foot & Joint Pain!

Do Your Feet Ever Feel Sore & Painful?
Wish there was an affordable and quick solution?
 Our Medical Grade Foot Pads cushion your feet to prevent pain while standing, walking and running throughout your busy day

Make walking enjoyable & easy again!



ULTRA-SOFT: Made from Medical Grade Silicone Gel to PROTECT and SUPPORT your foot & relieve pressure on the ball of your foot by providing weight distribution and shock absorption throughout your daily activities. 

STRETCHABLE & COMFY: EXPERTLY DESIGNED with flexible silicone & breathable holes to provide ventilation so you're never uncomfortable. It's made to fit a range of different foot sizes of both men & women.

DURABLE:  Our Foot Reliever is reusable! They can be worn everyday inside your socks or shoes, just wash them regularly with soap & make sure your feet are clean before wearing for extended periods.

EFFECTIVE: Our foot pads holds the foot in place and PREVENTS rubbing, sliding and chaffing which also helps relieve foot pain from Bunion & Callus. Our Foot Relief Pads are designed to help protect the foot from: Metatarsalgia, Plantar Warts, Diabetic Ulcer, Plantar Fasciitis, Burning Sensation, Morton Neuroma.

In fact 91% of customers purchase more than 1 pair so they're always resistant to foot pain.

Package Includes: 1 Pair x Ultimate Foot Pain Reliever Pads