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Professional LED & UV Nail Dryer


A professional nail polish dryer in the comfort of your home!
You can now get a salon level of care not only for your fingernails, but for your toenails too.

High in 
luminescence and light efficiency, low electric power consumption, long lifespan. It is no harm to skin and eyes. We combine your nail lamp with the advanced technology so can dry your nail polish in MINUTES.

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There's a smarter way to dry your nails that uses advanced double LED light technology to dry all kinds of nail gels without damaging your nails. 

A whopping 120 watts of power offers 70% faster drying speeds than any lower wattage UV lamp.

Enjoy professional salon nail care freely at home.

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With the smart infrared sensor, your manicures & pedicures will be more fun and energy efficient.
Once you hands or feet are in, the lamp turns on. As you remove your hands or feet it shuts off. This will prevent overheating and will save you electricity.

Instyle Trend - Professional LED & UV Nail Lamp


You can select between 4 different drying options;
 10 seconds, 
 30 seconds,
 60 seconds and
 99 seconds, [the default is drying time is 120 seconds].
Give yourself a fast-drying experience - no more nail appointments at your local salon!

Our LED UV nail lamp is a smart and quick alternative to traditional drying methods - one that'll last for much longer. You no longer have to wait hours for nice nails!


Our portable UV Nail Lamp comes with removable and lightweight attachments for quick cleaning. It's also travel size, so you can take it on the go.

The design of the curved lines increases space for hands or feet of any shape and size. 

Don't spend 1-4 hours waiting for your nails to dry. Reduce it to minutes today.
You can:
  • SAVE YOUR MONEY and ENJOY YOUR manicures
  • Get pretty nails in your home without leaving

Our nail lamp is also a perfect gift for family and friends.


1) Is it safe to use? 

Our LED UV nail lamp provides temperature protection for your hands. 
It emits harmless soft purple light which does no harm to your eyes as well as protecting the skin from darkening.

2) How do I use this? 

Apply a thin gel polish to the cleaned and dry nails. Then simply turn the dryer on, select your mode and place your fingers in.

3) What type of nail polish does it work on?

You can use this for all your nail polish. 
Please note that drying times will vary based on the gel polish brand. Our LED UV nail lamp works well for all kinds of gel polishes. Regular nail polish may take longer.

4) Can I use this on my feet?

Yes, you can use it on both your fingernails and your toenails.

5) What's included?

In each package you'll receive: 

  • 1 x Professional LED & UV Nail Dryer 
  • 1 x Power Cable
  • 1 x User Manual 

6) What are good practices to maintain a long service life?

In order to maintain a long service life, please do not keep the LEDs on for more than 600 seconds (10 minutes) at a time.